Who we are
Alex is a rad high school student from Miami interested in history, politics, pop culture, and theme parks.
Kolja_LS is a student of neuroscience, language and communication from Germany, currently living in the UK. His main interest is how language is 'embodied' in the perceptual and action systems of the brain (and how this can inform evolutionary linguistics). More generally, his interests include psychology, evolutionary biology, (pre)history and politics/current affairs.
Michael-on-Ryde is a fifty-something accountant, raised in Britain but living in Sydney, Australia; a dilettante historian, storyteller manqué, gatherer of esoterica and contemplator of what-ifs, maybes and why-nots.
Sébastien is a recently graduated doctor in robotics from France who settled in sunny Australia several years ago; his research focuses on cooperative systems for intelligent transportation systems. His other interests include history, politics, science (notably electronics, computer science, aerospace & astronomy) and video games (need to relax from research stress...).
Contact: sebastien@otherworldproject.com
Shaun is a history teacher from the US. He holds bachelor of arts degrees in History and Political Science from The Ohio State University, and is a Master of Science in Education. He tries to pay attention to a great many things in life, even if he does a poor job of it. His main interests are human folly, foible, and redemption.
Steven is a recent graduate with a Master's Degree in history, as well as a Bachelor Degrees in history and education. His main interests are history, geography, the development of human societies, and, in particular, politics.
Vince is a British student of political theory and intellectual history, specialising in the history of ideologies. His main interests also include sociology and institutional and historical economics. He is also responsible for technical administration and maintenance of the website, and happens to be a fan of Minecraft.
Contact: vince@otherworldproject.com
Welshy is a student of Middle Eastern culture, society and language from the UK, with a special interest in linguistics.

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